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Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 20
Yaşadığı yer : Polonya
HelloMy name is Magdalena but you can call me MagdaI like jrock and rock but I like to learn new musicI really like dancingsingingdrawingwriting new storiesreading booksphotographI like everything rel...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 22
Yaşadığı yer : Japonya
안녕하세요 일본에사는 22살여자입니다 학교에서 한국어를 배웠는데 한국사람 친구가없어서 잊어버릴거같애요ㅠㅠ 한국사람은 물론 한국어 할수있는사람 친구해주세요 취미는 영화 카페...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 17
Yaşadığı yer : Fransa
HiMy name is Pau and I started to learn korean, I m just a biginner. I would like to find a korean penpal to improve my korean. I also would like to learn a lot of things about korean culture and Kor...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 36
Yaşadığı yer : Güney Kore
Hitherenice to meet youi m Korean and I m finding friendsI love to play the guitarsingingdoing mini concertpicture and workoutRecently I love to ride bicyclehahaIt s a very NiceHaha send a email pleas...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 21
Yaşadığı yer : Finlandiya
Himy name is Tatu and I m 20 years old and I live in FinlandCurrently I m looking to apply to a universityLanguages that I speak Finnish and Engli...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 14
Yaşadığı yer : İngiltere
Hello. My name Miah I live in England. I would like a pen pal to help me learn more Japanese but I would also like to learn Korean. I also want to chat and make new friends. こにちわ みあです 15 さいです いんぐらんどにす...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 22
Yaşadığı yer : Almanya
HelloI m Andi and I m searching for korean and japanese friends About me I m more of an introverted personI don t need to go out every evening and I like to have calm momentsI also don t need to be th...
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