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Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 35
Yaşadığı yer : Japonya
はじめまして 韓国人女性のペンパル友達がほしいので登録しました 韓流ドラマを見たのをきっかけに 韓国に興味をもちました 韓国語や韓国料理にも関心があります お互いの日常を...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 29
Yaşadığı yer : Güney Kore
Hello Good to meet u Hope would b great friends Im really interested in your culture n country Im outgoin person so i love doin sports and hangin out with friends ,i like to eat foods haha. I can teac...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 34
Yaşadığı yer : Türkiye
Hi I would like to make some new friend all over the world and I want to improve my Englis together with new frien...
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Yaş : 15
Yaşadığı yer : Türkiye
Hi!My name is Arda. I want to greet people in different countries. Your nationality is not important for me. Just greet foreign personFeel yourself free to send message. I don’t want short term friend...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 23
Yaşadığı yer : Japonya
안녕하세요 저는 95년생 사회인입니다 한국어를 독학으로 공부하고 있답니다!저에게 한국어를 가르치세요 저는 한국이 너무 좋아요!여행도 갔었습니다 한국인과 친구가 되고 싶습니다 ...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 19
Yaşadığı yer : Türkiye
Hi guys, I’m studying at university and my major is architecture. I love travelling and learning about other cultures. I would like to learn more languages and i want to improve my english too. I have...
Cinsiyet : Kadın
Yaş : 18
Yaşadığı yer : Hollanda
Yow I am 18 years old. I would like to have a pen pals from different countries. My interests music, fashion, culture, art. Etc. Everyone is welcome I might reply late t...
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